want to be surrounded by beautiful things and making art all of the time if I had it my way. The weddings I shoot are a reflection of that. I LOVE unique weddings big or small and can't get enough traveling. I call "base camp" Southern California but shoot anywhere the wind takes me so inquiries for weddings that take me off the beaten path are more than welcomed with open arms! 
If you are the type of couple who thinks the candid of you doing the worm at last call is more important than the one of you holing the cake spatula, if you love color & artistic composition but cringe at the thought of someone putting your wedding photos through some washed out blurry hipster filter... I am probably the girl for the job. 
I Like Mexican popsicles, unfinished wood, tall tall mountains, sitting in the front seat, fancy mac and cheese, Hertzog, the general theme of "the western", Highway 1, symmetry, whales, developing film, mini things, hardcover books, Jumex, and the road less traveled.  
Educated by my mom Bev Gong, UC Berkeley, a whiskey buzz and a "do it yourself attitude", the great outdoors, mistakes, the Oprah, my boyfriend, and patient friends.  
Winner of 2014 The Knot Best of Wedding Photographers Award!
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